Ants Climb Tree

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09/23/01 - Our debut self-titled album is finished and mastered. We are presently awaiting the final revisions to the label design. Our demo version of the CD should be complete within a week. For the moment, we aren't releasing it commercially. We plan to do a very small run for friends and promotion. Our hope is that we can find a good label to give it a proper commercial release. Check out MP3s from the album and more info at our listening booth located at the ant's abdomen!

Ants Climb Tree would like to thank the following for their support and contribution to the album: Ang, Hans Bauman, Bob & Cheryl, John Coursey, Tardon Feathered and the staff of Mr. Toads, Bill Fleig, Mark Frischman & Zmrzlina, Tyler Giannini, Martha Sue Harris, Marvin Humphrey, Andrew Innes, KFJC, Carla Kihlstedt, Knodel, Poopy Lickles, Don Marvel, Tom McFadden, Derek Morton, Kelly Parrott, Dean Sanematsu, Ramsey Silberberg, Marit Simensen, Marc Vogl, and everyone else who has put up with our shit!